Oyates Voltage Electrical

Seeking truth and practicality:

It means being conscientious and responsible for one's own work, and carrying out it in accordance with the principle of seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with the times.

Sincerity and righteousness:

Sincere and trustworthy, open-minded. To the customer, to the work must be said and done, keep promise, said and done.

Fairness, justice and justice. Be fair and objective, do not form a party, run private business or draw gangs; treat all colleagues equally and friendly, treat all colleagues equally, do not fawn on others and bully them, do not bureaucrat; talk about things at work and support each other in life; do not accept bribes, false public services and selfish interests.

Customer First:

Customer is the power source of enterprise survival and development.

Based on customer needs analysis, respect and safeguard customer interests, exceed customer expectations for products and services.

Realizing customer value is our reason for existence.

Respect customers, understand customers, think from the customer's standpoint, and pay attention to customers'opinions and suggestions.

Quality first:

Quality is the soul of enterprise development and the core of competition, which is related to the profit and development of enterprises, and even the survival and death of enterprises.

Every Oyates needs to put quality in mind and form a solid sense of quality, starting with small things and details.









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