Oyates Voltage Electrical

Shanghai Ouyate Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Ouyate Intelligent") is one of the leading suppliers of integrated industrial intelligence solutions in China.

Focusing on business segments such as intelligent electrical, intelligent robots, intelligent equipment, communication equipment, medical devices, Industrial Internet equipment, we will continue to strengthen investment in research and development of core technologies and products, and focus on the development of AI, 5G, edge computing, and intelligent terminal integration technology structure.

Ouyate Mission: To provide users with excellent solutions, have a strong sense of responsibility to create value for society and customers, and be responsible to customers and employees!

Development Vision: To become an influential and outstanding enterprise in the industry!

Company belief: Ouyate is a collective that achieves success in its career! Our team has created a large number of excellent and practical talents! Let's work hard, forge ahead, and unite! Create one miracle after another in the era of great change!

Ouyate Intelligent adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, high-quality service, and innovation", relying on comprehensive solutions for information systems, relevant smart cloud platform services, and intelligent technology innovation such as the Internet of Things and mobile internet. It continuously extends its industry, integrates planning and design, consulting services, product sales, and system operation and maintenance services, actively exploring smart education The scope of smart healthcare business is gradually expanding its service targets from individual regions to several urban areas, making the company a high-quality provider of smart life solutions.









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